In the City, 2010

by Tom Kerswill on October 10th, 2010

I’m starting to get excited about this year’s in the city. The Fugitive Motel blog have a really good preview of some of the artists playing at this year’s festival. I’m having a listen to that now, and beginning to plan out which acts to catch.

I’m excited to have a delegate pass this year, courtesy of All FM and Ursula Pabish’s Monday drivetime show on the station.

As always, it’ll be a mad rush trying to fit in as many talks and bands as possible!

Playing the Yardbird, Birmingham, at 4pm today

by Tom Kerswill on September 26th, 2010

The Free Love ClubHad a really good, busy week – including a trip to Go Ape yesterday, which is always good fun. We also went to check out Alt Country band Mt. Desolation, who played at the Deaf Institute last night. It was a well-attended show – impressive, because this is the band’s first tour. They’re made up of members from Keene, the Killers and Noah and the Wale. Though in actual fact, the touring band seemed to basically be the two frontmen from Keene, and some other assembled musicians. It was an enjoyable gig though.

This afternoon I’m playing at the Yard Bird in Birmingham. Doors open at 4pm, and I’m on at 4.30. It’ll be good to be doing an afternoon gig. The event is called the Free Love Club, and it runs from 4pm right through to midnight. You can get more details of the event at reverbnation and Facebook.

John Rylands Library gigs

by Tom Kerswill on September 25th, 2010

Last Saturday I did the sound engineering for a really lovely gig at the John Rylands Library on Deansgate in Manchester.

The gig took place in the evening – after the library usually closes. It was in the main hall – an amazing, ornate building, with incredibly high ceilings, and a really weird acoustic – kind of dead-sounding if you talked quitely, but with a really nice reverb if you clapped your hands or shouted.

The space was laid out to hold 130 people, and the gig was sold out… or rather, all the free tickets were taken. It was a great atmosphere. Becca Williams (and her Broken Biscuit band) opened the night, followed by JP Cooper, and finally Karima Francis.

The night was organised by Chris Thomas, who has put on several gigs in unusual places previously – including the Manchester Museum. It was a highly successful evening, so hopefully there will be more of the same in the future…


by Tom Kerswill on August 18th, 2010

Myspace - Turn My Visitors On
I just logged into Myspace for the first time in ages, to see a message saying they’ve changed the privacy settings. Well, I suppose Facebook did that recently, so they’ve had to follow suit…. Anyway, so I clicked through to check the settings. This takes you to a load of options. The first is a tickbox which asks me whether I want to “Turn my visitors on”. It’s ticked at the moment.

Gig in Altrincham tonight

by Tom Kerswill on August 12th, 2010

Hi everyone

I’m playing at the Green Room in Altrincham tonight from 9pm (Thursday, 12th August 2010). It’s been a while since I’ve done a gig, so I’m looking forward to it. Here’s the address:

17 Goose Green
Altrincham, Cheshire WA14 1DW
07971 676 049

All Fm radio show on Monday night

by Tom Kerswill on July 25th, 2010

We’re presenting another Unsigned Show from 11pm-1am on Monday night. You can listen on 96.9FM in the Manchester area and on

We have live sessions from Sam and the Bathroom Crooners, plus We are Willow – who are made up of Chris Butler from Butler Williams, and Kathryn Edwards.

So it’s going to be a great night of live music, and we’ll be fitting in as many of the best unsigned tracks as we can too…


Glastonbury Festival

by Tom Kerswill on July 18th, 2010

Hi everyone….  I’ve been a little bit lazy updating the blog recently!

Glastonbury festival was great. I worked for a lot of it, but had a really good time. Saw the Levellers headling the Glade on Sunday night, plus The XX, The National, Florence and the Machine and lots of other good performances.

The work part of it involved driving 4x4s across the site – mainly scanning in stewards at different gates on the site, and giving them tea and coffee in the middle of the night. Quite a fun job really!

The weather at Glastonbury was absolutely fantastic – no rain at all for the whole week.

Looking forward to next year’s festival already!


Passenger, Tom K and Pablo’s Finest Hour at the Bay Horse this Tuesday

by Tom Kerswill on June 14th, 2010

I’m supporting the fantastic Passenger at the Bay Horse tomorrow (Tuesday 15th June). One of my favourite Manchester acts, Pablo’s Finest Hour, are also on the bill. Here’s the line-up:

  • 8pm – Pablo’s Finest Hour
  • 8.45pm – Tom Kerswill
  • 9.30pm – Passenger

I’m really excited about doing the gig. You can buy tickets here

Hopefully see you there!


SoundCloud dropbox

by Tom Kerswill on May 20th, 2010


I now have a SoundCloud dropbox, which you can use to send me any tracks you think would work for the Unsigned Show on All FM 96.9…

Here’s the dropbox — feel free to upload anything you’d like us to listen to!

Send me your track

The Totnes Gig – tonight

by Tom Kerswill on May 9th, 2010

We’re currently driving from Exeter to Totnes, for the last day of rehearsals before the gig tonight. It was sounding really nice yesterday. Basic premise is to get a load of songwriters together and then work on one new song for each songwriter, over a weekend. Then we’re all playing on each other’s songs.

A lot of the arrangements involve vocal harmonies, but there’s a cellist, two keyboards, guitars and djembe between us, so lots of scope for doing stuff.

The gig starts at 7.30pm tonight (Sunday, 9th May) and it’s £4 on the door. The venue is the Ariel Centre, Totnes.


Ripon Beer Festival 2010

by Tom Kerswill on May 5th, 2010

I really enjoyed playing the Ripon Beer Festival on Monday. Just heard from the organisers that they raised a total of £6,068.00, which is great news. There was some really good music — and lots of great beer. Enjoyed going out for a quick curry afterwards with the Roosters before rushing back to do the All FM Unsigned show in Manchester!

Next year’s beer festival is Monday, 2nd May 2011…

Baa Bar on Tuesday

by Tom Kerswill on May 1st, 2010

Hello! There’s an exciting gig at Baa Bar, Fallowfield on Tuesday. It’s being put on by Silent Sara, in aid of the Red Cross.

The lineup is looking really good – it features seven acts, including Karima Francis, Kristyna Myles, Glyn Bailey, Robin Mukherjee, Risa Hall and Pavor Nocturnus. I’ll be playing a couple of songs too.

I think entry is by donation, 3 or 4 quid. Should be a really nice night. Things kick off promptly at 8pm…

Tim & Sam Band + Josephine Oniyama at Oddest tonight

by Tom Kerswill on April 11th, 2010

Recommended gig tonight… “With a Little Help” at Oddest bar from 7.30pm. Features Josephine Oniyama, Admiral Fallow, and Tim and Sam Band. A really unmissable line-up.

It’s a free gig — and is in aid of the Nordof-Robins music therapy charity. There will be donation boxes, and they’re aiming to raise £1,000 after the series of gigs.

It should be an excellent night… With A Little Help is every 2nd Sunday of the month at Oddest Bar, Chorlton.


Quick update from Tom

by Tom Kerswill on March 29th, 2010

Hope everyone’s well. I’ve been superbusy recently, hence lack of posts! Been finding time to fit lots of music-related things in, though. Including the Chorlton Green Festival on Saturday. Some really good performances by Thingummybob and the Thingummyjigs, plus a really good regae band who I’d never heard of before, called the NSC Love Band… One of those band names that sounds kindof unremarkable – but the band were absolutely great.

I wished I’d been able to see more of the festival – I missed bands such as Samson and Delilah and acts such as Vanessa Lewis and Robin Mukherjee.

I’ve been busy doing a new job over in Sale – doing IT-related stuff, which is actually really fun. And the other website-related freelance work and music stuff is also going well. I’m still doing the open mic each Monday at Trof Northern Quarter, and helping out on the Bay Horse open mic each Tuesday.

And this blog itself is going well, generating lots of page views, especially to the open mic night. It’s nice to be doing physical jobs in Manchester day-to-day, and also be doing the “virtual” web stuff and the music stuff.


Recommended gigs this week

by Tom Kerswill on March 14th, 2010

Hi everyone,

Tonight there’s a free gig at Oddest, Chorlton, featuring John Herring, Kamal Arafa and John Lowndes. The night starts at 8.30 and it’s being put on by With A Little Help, to raise money for the Nordoff-Robins music therapy charity. It’s a completely free gig, but donations are welcome.

On Monday, we have the usual open mic night at Trof in the Northern Quarter, starting from 8pm – just turn up around then if you’d like to play.

And on Tuesday, it’s the brand new open mic at the Bay Horse, beginning 8.30pm — that’s in the downstairs bar.


New open mic at the Bay Horse tonight and every Tuesday

by Tom Kerswill on March 2nd, 2010

Really excited to announce a new open mic every Tuesday at the Bay Horse, Northern Qt, Manchester.

The night will begin at 8.30pm… Three slots each. Just turn up and sign your name up to play. It’s in the area downstairs.

The Bay Horse is an excellent venue for gigs and open mics, so I’m really looking forward to seeing how this night turns out. Hopefully see you there later on this evening!

Recommended gig in Bristol tomorrow: Lisa Redford

by Tom Kerswill on March 2nd, 2010

Really enjoyed doing the radio show on All FM last night with Danny. We managed to fit a lot of tracks in, and we had Manchester legends I Am Kloot playing live in the studio. We chatted to them about touring, their forthcoming album, and, well, lots of other random stuff.

For anybody who’s in the Bristol area tomorrow night, go down to the Prom on Wednesday. NYC-based Lisa Redford has returned to the UK and is doing a mini-tour. She’s on around 9.30pm.

Anna Kashfi album launch tonight at Fuel, Withington

by Tom Kerswill on February 28th, 2010

Manchester band Anna Kashfi will be launching their new album, Survival
, at Fuel Cafe Bar in Withington tonight.

It’s a free show, and doors open 7.30/8pm. I’m really looking forward to the gig – it’s been a while since I’ve seen Anna Kashfi playing live, and it will be good to hear tracks from the new album.

The album is available to buy from, or you can listen to and download the album as an MP3.

Live music this weekend – including Anna Kashfi album launch

by Tom Kerswill on February 27th, 2010

I enjoyed playing at Art Rumble earlier today. It’s a really nice event at Contact Theatre, Manchester, on the last Saturday of every month – and is worth checking out for Manchester Art and Craft, and live music performances.

Talking of live music — tonight, also at Contact, is the launch of Kirsty McGee & the Hobopop Collective’s new album “Number 5”. The event is completely sold out, but we’ve got tickets and I’ll do a blog post about it after the event.

And another album launch for you this weekend. This time it’s the fantastic Anna Kashfi, launching their album Survival. It’s a free gig (donations welcome), and will take place at Fuel Cafe Bar in Withington tomorrow (Sunday). I’ll be there helping to run things and doing the sound engineering. Come down if you can.

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Playing Contact Theatre 2pm today

by Tom Kerswill on February 27th, 2010

Just a quick one – I’m playing at Contact Theatre, Manchester, 2pm today – as part of their Art Rumble event. It’s a free gig and there are art and craft stalls there too..

Loads more gigs to tell you about – will post another update later today….