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Gig tonight – Joe’s Bar, Northern Qt, Manchester

Monday, October 6th, 2008

Hi everyone

I’m playing in Joe’s Bar tonight (Monday 6th October) as part of In the City Fringe festival… I’m on at 7.30pm… Should be a good night. More info can be found at: … Here’s the full lineup:

NUCLEAR – In The City Official Fringe Venue! Listings announced!
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Friday 3rd October

DJ 11pm – onwards

10pm – 11pm – Circus Animals Dissertion

9.10pm – 9.40pm – The Counter Culture

8.30pm – 9 pm – The S R Gents

7:50pm – 8:20pm – Kni9hts

Saturday 4th October

DJ – 11pm onwards – 11pm – The Huw Wilcox Band

9.10pm – 9.40pm – CrazyDaze

8.30pm – 9pm – El Policia

7.50pm – 8.20pm The Fayre

7.10pm – 7.40pm – Strange Ways

6.30pm – 7pm – Tori Bragg

5:50pm – 6:20pm – Disco Jane Doe

Sunday 5th October

DJ – 11pm onwards

10:30pm – 11pm – The Strands

9:50pm – 10:20pm – Strange Ways

9pm – 9:30pm – Purlin

8:20pm – 8:50pm – Tidal Fury

7:40pm – 8:10pm – Calvinball

7pm – 7:30pm – Antihero

6:20pm – 6:50pm – The Project

Monday 6th October – Acoustic

10:30 – 11pm – The Perrys (Electric)

9:50pm – 10:20pm – Dys

9pm – 9:30pm – Paddy O’Hare

8:20pm – 8:50pm – Gareth Wandless

7:40pm – 8:10pm – Tom Kerswill

7pm – 7:30pm – Jonny Dobbs

6:20pm – 6:50pm – Oliver J Brooke

5:30pm – 6:10pm – Troubadour

New open mic Sunday 2-5pm Revise, Chorlton, Manchester

Monday, November 26th, 2007

There’s a new open mic (changed from a jam night) at Revise Bar in Chorlton, Manchester:

559 Wilbraham Road, Chorlton
Manchester. M21 0AE


(See other open mic nights happening in Manchester)

EXR Jam sessions in Chorlton

Thursday, November 8th, 2007

Hey – just a heads-up for all the musicians out there. EXR, who run a lot of gigs in Manchester, run a weekly jam session at the Lounge Bar, Wilbraham Road, Chorlton.

The session is acoustic – they have congas, djembes, bongos, tambourines etc set up as well as a bass amp and a good PA/mics etc. They’re also looking to get a good percussion section together – anyone can join in. Also acoustic artists and bands are welcome to come and do a short set/jam.

EXR are running an acoustic competition at the same time. For more details on all this see:


Open mic at Trof in the Northern Quarter, Manchester, every Sunday

Wednesday, August 1st, 2007

Update May 2009:

There’s an open mic night happening every Sunday at Trof in the Northern Quarter, and, together with Ollie Smith, I run it each week. It’s a really nice, chilled-but-busy open mic. We often get some well-known musicians coming down to try out stuff. Musicians who have dropped in include Karima Francis, Eskimo Cowboy, Nomad Jones, Paris Riots, Kirsty McGee & Mat Martin and even Guy Garvey (though the latter just came to check it out rater, than to play, sadly.)

We’ve got a Facebook Group for the open mic now too: Trof Northern Quarter Open Mic Facebook.

It starts 8.30pm each night (get there at 8pm to get a slot!). People play two or three songs each.

As with every open mic, check with the venue before travelling. It’s every Sunday except bank holidays, as a general rule…


M19 Bar Levenshulme

Wednesday, June 13th, 2007

The M19 bar in Levenshulme hosts a whole range of music nights, including its regular Acoustic Fest sessions and the open mic night every Monday.

847 Stockport Road
M19 3PW
Tel: 0161 225 8359

Click here for a guide to other open mics in Manchester

The Castle, Oldham St

Saturday, June 2nd, 2007

Updated April 2009 The Castle closed for quite a few months last year, but has recently been bought up, renovated, and re-opened its doors. No word on any open mic as yet… here’s the page for the old Castle:

Sadly the Castle, Manchester, closed in 2008. The remaining bit of this post is kept for reference:


The Castle pub has a weekly open mic night on Mondays, run by Ollie Smith. It also has lots of other music going on throughout the week. It’s a small, initimate venue, with a few real ales – definitely slightly off the beaten track (a long way up Oldham St, beyond Dry Bar and Night and Day).

The Castle Hotel, 66 Oldham Street, Manchester, M4 1LE
(Location map)

Tel: 07969 618357

Thirsty Scholar, Manchester

Friday, September 29th, 2006

The Thirsty Scholar is usually lively, full of musicians, and plays host to a good variety of Manchester gigs. It also has an open mic on Thursdays.

50 New Wakefield Street,

M1 5NP

End of the thirsty scholar

Friday, September 8th, 2006

Sadly, Dan’s open mic at the Thirsty Scholar on a Thursday is no more.. I went to the last one last week and played a few songs… quite a party. Acts included Gideon Conn, Andrew “Blind Boy” Butler and John McKay.

Trof, Fallowfield

Thursday, April 6th, 2006

Trof is a lively, studenty bar, nestling in the heart of Fallowfield, with lovely food, and a really friendly atmosphere. It’s usually rammed — especially in term time.

It’s a bit of a Manchester Institution, and this, the original Trof, has spawned three other venues — The Corner (which is right next door, on Wilmslow Road), Trof in the Northern Quarter, and the Deaf Institute (which is just off Oxford Road, near Sand Bar and Manchester Met uni)..

Trof, Fallowfield
Trof official site

Address: 2a, Landcross Rd, Fallowfield, Manchester, M14 6NA

Tel: 0161 224 0467

Trof Open Mic

This open mic is every Tuesday during term time, held in the big room upstairs. It’s always busy and bustling, with a good crowd – mainly students. People listen, though they also talk, which is kinda par for the course really. Definitely worth a look!

Address: 2a, Landcross Rd, Fallowfield, Manchester, M14 6NA

Music nights at Trof

Trof used to be one of the best music venues in Fallowfield — it hosted a huge range of nights, including North-South Divide, and my own Songs for the Bath Tub acoustic night.. The Trof Fallowfield open mic is still going strong on a Tuesday though – and it’s worth checking out if you’d like to play to a big, lively audience. It’s one of the better-known open mics in Manchester.

Iguanna Bar, Chorlton

Thursday, April 6th, 2006

More manchester open mics

Iguanna Bar does an open mic every Tuesday. It’s usually quite busy, and a big variety of standards of musicians play. It’s quite noisy, but well worth a look-in… have been to some really fun nights here.

Tel: 0161 881 9338

Joshua Brookes Open Mic

Wednesday, March 15th, 2006

For more open mics in Manchester, go here:manchester open mics

Joshua Brookes holds an open mic in the top area every Wednesday. Acts play leisurely, longer sets, of a few songs of 15-20 minutes. You’ll find an array of excellent musicians here.

The night is run by two gentlemen Dan and Lee. Dan is himself an outstanding guitarist. Arrive early and you might hear him play.

Joshua Brookes 106 Princess Street, Manchester, M1 6NG

Pleasure Bar, Withington

Tuesday, March 14th, 2006

Sorry – Pleasure Bar in Withington has closed its doors… So no more open mic on Mondays :-(….

There’s more open mics in manchester elsewhere on the blog!

Every Monday, Pleasure hosts an open mic. There’s a huge mix of musicians. People usually play 2 or 3 songs. Get down there early, because it fills up very quickly… Probably best to arrive before 8.30pm

Towards 11pm, it turns into a bit of a jam, with some great musicians usually taking part.

489, Wilmslow Rd, Withington, Manchester, M20 4AN

Tel: 0161 434 4300

Open Mic Nights in Manchester

Tuesday, March 14th, 2006

Current open mics in Manchester (updated October 2010)

Here’s a list of many of the open mic nights happening in and around Manchester, UK. Please drop us a comment if you spot any ones not on this list, or ones that are no longer operating. Goes without saying, but do remember to always phone the venue before heading out to make sure it’s on – and make sure you’ve got the right venue (there are two different Trof venues listed below, for example!)

Monday Nights

  • Monday Open mic at Trof Northern Qt. Friendly atmosphere. Usually pretty busy, so get down there before 8.30pm to get a slot!.
  • Open mic – original: Blue Cat Café Mondays 8pm
  • Open mic: The Bank Sale (each Monday, we think!)
  • Open mic: every Monday Uluru, Chorlton – Uluru has sadly closed down…
  • Open Mic: M19 bar, Levenshulme Every Monday evening – no longer running, apparently (June 09)

Tuesday Nights

  • Now cancelled – sorry: New for March 2010: Open mic at the Bay Horse, Manchester. In the downstairs bar. Every Tuesday from 8pm.
  • Jam night: Bar 480, Chorlton from 8pm every Tuesday – 1 song each
  • Open mic: Iguanna Bar, Chorlton Tuesdays
  • Open mic: Trof, Fallowfield Tuesdays
  • Acoustic guitar night: Urmston Cricket Club. Third Tuesday of each month, 8.30pm. £2 entry for everyone, which subsidises their live music nights.
  • Open mic: The Nelson – Occasional Tuesdays (last Tue of month??)

Wednesday Nights

  • Open mic: RVP, Liverpool Road, Irlam – every Wednesday from 8.30pm
  • Open mic: Fuel, Withington Wednesdays
  • Open mic: Town Hall pub, Eccles Every Wednesday

Thursday Nights

  • Open mic at the Whitworth, Rusholme. New open mic (Aug 2009) every Thursday. Arrive before 9pm to get a slot.
  • Open mic: Chill factor, Manchester – Thursdays – inside Chillfactor, the indoor ski centre. Thanks Rox for letting us know about this one!
  • Open mic:Thirsty Scholar, Oxford Rd Thursdays – a slightly bluesy open mic 9pm till 2am. Run by local institution Rory McKee.
  • Open mic at Solomon Grundy’s, Withington. Thursdays. Run by Kay and Dom… get in contact with the venue to book a slot! (Not sure whether this is still running – Nov 2009)
  • Open mic / jam night at the Brunswick / B-Lounge in the centre of Manchester each Thursday. Run by Josh McClurg and his band.

Friday Nights

  • Open mic at Eighth Day, Oxford Road, every Friday. Run by the people behind Black Dog

Saturday Nights

  • Open Mic: Station Pub, Warrington Street, Ashton-u-Lyne. This is a monthly event on a Saturday Night Everyone is very welcome. Check out for dates.

Sunday Nights

  • Open Mic: Sunday evening – Deaf Institute – Manchester. Trof Northern Quarter’s sister venue also had an open mic on Sunday. Re-started – October 2010.
  • Open mic: Sundays – Joshua Brooks – this one is now back up and running for Autumn 09.
  • Open mic: Last Sunday of the month – Eden bar on Canal Street, M1 3PJ. Thanks, Alan, for the tip-off!
  • Open mic: Bar One, Withington. New open mic every Sunday from 8pm, run by Tom Kerswill. Cheap drinks, including a pint of Becks for £2. At the moment there’s space for everyone to play four songs each. 20th Jan 2010: Bar One has now closed down, I’m afraid…
  • Open mic: Uluru, Chorlton. Every Sunday. December 2009: Uluru has now closed down, sadly.

Please check with the venue before making the trip, to make sure the night is actually on…. and drop me a line or a comment if you discover that a night has changed before I do!

Open mics that used to be in Manchester

  • Open Mic: Castle, Oldham St Every Monday. Small, friendly night, with a leaking roof! … note, the Castle closed autumn 2008, but re-opened April 09. Keep checking to see if they start an open mic!
  • Open mic: Glass, Fallowfield Saturdays – now the venue has been rebranded to BarBaa. Not sure if they still run it…
  • Sunday afternoon, 3pm-6pm Revise Bar, Chorlton . Revise as now become a new venue – Elektric. No news as yet of any open mics. But I noticed the Guardian waxing lyrical about it the other day in their (April 2009) Secret Britain guide.
  • Open mic: Mondays. Atlas Bar, Deansgate, Manchester centre – This one is apparently cancelled now (Oct 2010)

Open mics in Lancaster

I’ve started a new page on open mic nights in Lancaster, which lists details about the Stonewall Tavern, the Gregson, and more open mics in the Lancaster area.

Open Mics in Dukinfield, Bury, Greater Manchester, Lancashire and further afield

  • The Bury Winelight Club at the Met, in Bury, also does occasional open mic nights – check out their myspace.
  • There’s an open mic / jam night at the Canal Duke in Astley every Tuesday from 9pm.
  • Songwriter night Astley Arms, Dukinfield last Sunday of each month
  • Sunday open mic at The Fox Inn, Up Holland on the last Sunday of each month, usually hosted by the Big Fish Band, a local country-rock band.
  • Open mic and Jam night every Monday night at the Q Inn, Stalybridge. (Thanks, Stu, for sending this one).
  • Stu also sent the following suggestion: Sunday night at The Railway in Greenfield. This has the benefit (for heavy drinkers) of being next to Greenfield train station…
  • There’s an open mic at Harrop’s Bar, Stalybridge, Thurs 7 pm kick off
  • – Thanks to Carl for the tip-off.

  • White Horse on Liverpool Rd (Gildabrook Rd near Hope Hospital). 7:30AM Tuesdays (thanks, Carl)
  • Open mic at The Plough, Cadishead, Wed evenings. Carl says: “Landlord is putting on some free food…. ” (sounds good. Might have to check that out!)

Other good music events in Manchester

I’ve also got a guide on other non open-mics and acoustic nights in manchester