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All Fm Unsigned Show on Monday – Track Listing

Wednesday, November 18th, 2009

Really enjoyed presenting the All Fm unsigned show on Monday, 16th November. We had Damiani live in session at 11.30pm. Here’s what we played:

  1. Josephine Oniyama – Closer
  2. God’s Little Eskimo – The Sea Shall Not Have Them
  3. Mel Uye Parker – Red Skies
  4. Sons Of Noel+Adrian – The Wreck Is Not A Boat Damiani live session:
    1. Gypsy Boys
    2. Fragile
    3. Ravens And Crows
    4. Broken
  5. Crooked Rooks – Hi-Ho The Carrion Crow
  6. I Am Three – I Try
  7. April Maybe May – Back To Me
  8. Huw Jacob – Higher Every Day
  9. Leo Brazil – Take it East
  10. The Miserable Rich – Monkey
  11. The Loose Kites – Shoot Me
  12. Zoe Mulford – The Earth and the Sky
  13. Tiki Black – Oye
  14. Denis Jones – 17

Our next show is on Monday, 14th December, 11pm-1am, when we have Leo Brazil and the Disco Nasties (TBC) live in session.