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Uluru Open Mics – on Sundays and Mondays

Tuesday, June 2nd, 2009

Yesterday I dropped into Uluru, in Chorlton, to check out a new open mic they’ve got there. Weirdly, the venue has open mics on a Sunday (run by Ricky) and on a Monday (run by Mike). I dropped in pretty early, and it was very quiet there. It was a nice atmosphere though. I bumped into Kamal Arafa (who’s a well-known Manchester musician, and recently played a live session on our All Fm radio show), and also managed to catch a set by Ollie Smith, who played some really great songs.

Ollie used to be in the Deadheads, and also co-runs the open mic at Trof in the Northern Quarter on Sundays.

Definitely worth checking the Uluru open mics out… It seems pretty quiet for now, but I imagine it’ll build up. It’s always a nice vibe in Ulruru, too. I’ll be back to check it out (when I’m not rushing off to do a radio show…)


Deaf Institute Open Mic

Tuesday, June 2nd, 2009

I hosted the Deaf Institute open mic on Sunday. I was standing in for Phil, who normally runs things. It’s the first time I’d made it to the open mic night there (I’m usually running the one at the Northern Quarter Trof on Sundays)… And I really enjoyed it.

Things get going there around about 9pm, and in this case it went on till after 12am, though I think things usually would wrap up at 11. It was one of those nights where, just as things were drawing to a close, another musician or band would walk into the venue with guitars, and we’d start again.

One of the highlights was a set by Optional Wallace — who then went on to take part in a jam at the end of the night.

I’d recommend it as a good Sunday open mic – together with the other nights on a Sunday (recommended open mics on a Sunday include: Trof Northern Quarter, Uluru, Bar Brau and Joshua Brooks).

All FM / EXR unsigned show

Tuesday, June 2nd, 2009

I’ve just returned from presenting the EXR Unsigned show on All Fm. It’s been a great show this week, with Lorelei Loveridge and Glyn Bailey coming in with their bands to do live sessions and chat. Here’s the complete track listing:

# Jason Dunkley and That Girl Sue – Reason
# Leo Brazil – Take it East
# Chuck Farthing – Prettiest Faces
# Defunkles – Bomanta
# Lorelei Loveridge – I need to Go (Live Session)
# Lorelei Loveridge – You Live (Live Session)
# Lorelei Loveridge – 30 Seconds to save your Life (Live Session)
# Kate Rogers – Silent Movie
# Jake Flowers – Track 1
# Tea for One – Still Don’t Feel Right
# NCA – Miscible
# Glyn Bailey and the Many Splendid Things – Moonwalkers (Live)
# Glyn Bailey and the Many Splendid Things – School Reunion (Live)
# Glyn Bailey and the Many Splendid Things -Beautiful Corpse (Live)
# Kamal Arafa – When It Comes to Money

Driving home from the studio, I tuned into Jon Kenedy’s XFM Xposure show. Heard some really great tracks on there too. Have resolved to tune in more often!