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The Handsome Family, plus Liz Green, at Ruby Lounge, Manchester

Tuesday, May 19th, 2009

Currently at Ruby Lounge for the Handsome Family gig. Liz Green, support, was great. Her stuff is growing on me with every performance. It was a really lovely set. It’s probably over a year since I last saw her play (as I remember, that was at the End of the Road festival in Dorset).

I’m enjoying the Handsome Family, who’ve just come on stage. It’s a great atmosphere here at the Ruby Lounge – it’s become one of the best sub-academy 2 places to catch gigs… it’s overtaken the Night and Day cafe in that respect.

I’ll be back with a full review after the show – and we’ll be discussing it on the next All FM radio show on 1st June. 11pm-1am, where we’ll also have two live guests – Lorelei Loveridge and Glyn Bailey.