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The Handsome Family, plus Liz Green, at Ruby Lounge, Manchester

Tuesday, May 19th, 2009

Currently at Ruby Lounge for the Handsome Family gig. Liz Green, support, was great. Her stuff is growing on me with every performance. It was a really lovely set. It’s probably over a year since I last saw her play (as I remember, that was at the End of the Road festival in Dorset).

I’m enjoying the Handsome Family, who’ve just come on stage. It’s a great atmosphere here at the Ruby Lounge – it’s become one of the best sub-academy 2 places to catch gigs… it’s overtaken the Night and Day cafe in that respect.

I’ll be back with a full review after the show – and we’ll be discussing it on the next All FM radio show on 1st June. 11pm-1am, where we’ll also have two live guests – Lorelei Loveridge and Glyn Bailey.


Guerrilla Busking in Manchester Today

Friday, May 15th, 2009

Hey – today, throughout Manchester, there will be musicians busking at various locations… Starting from midday. Here’s the official press release. I’m busking inside (strangely!) at the Castle Hotel, Oldham St, Manchester, from 1.30pm today.. Then I’ll be joining everyone else, watching other buskers playing during the afternoon. Here’s the official press release:

This Friday 15th May sees over 20 Manchester musicians hit the city centre streets, playing an eclectic series of impromptu gigs in a variety of secret, unauthorised locations, from the very public to the very hidden. Organised by local music collective Single Cell, and taking place as part of the Futuresonic 2009 festival, the gigs, running from midday until 8pm, will feature a diverse range of artists such as John Robb, John Fairhurst and poet Mike Garry, representing everything from african drumming to heavy metal and acoustic folk.

Although secret, locations and times will be revealed on the day via the Single Cell website, Twitter and a mobile phone number. Supported by Refugee Action the gigs will raise money and awareness on the issue of destitute refugees.

“Asylum seekers appealing decisions made by refugee courts are left without benefits or the ability to earn a living. These busking performances are taking place without permission in marginalised locations or hidden in very public places, mirroring the status of these destitute refugees.”

All proceeds from the gigs will go to destitute refugee campaigns and all acts are playing free of charge.

More information:

Facebook, and an event tomorrow

Wednesday, May 13th, 2009

Hi all you Facebookers! I’ve begun addiing notes from my blog directly onto Facebook… so if you just saw a load of notes from me in your news streams, then that’s why!

On another note – I’ve just created a Facebook Musician Page. More info will be added on that soon.

And finally – I’m running an event tomorrow (Thursday) at St. Ninian’s church in Chorlton. We have five excellent bands playing: To Sophia, Sam and the Plants, Pablo’s Finest Hour, Kamal Arafa and Butler Williams. It starts at 7.30pm and is £4 on the door.

Gig at Sir Ralph Abercromby, Manchester Sunday evening (10th)

Saturday, May 9th, 2009


I’m playing in Manchester, at the Sir Ralph Abercromby pub (Bootle Street) tomorrow night – Sunday 10th. It’s Ben Taylor’s “Sunday Roast” night. Also on the bill is the excellent Dan Melrose. Show starts 8pm, and I’m on around 9 or 10…


Is Withington’s Pleasure Bar Re-opening?

Friday, May 8th, 2009

Update, 26th November 2009: Pleasure bar didn’t reopen, but a new sisha bar opened in its place. It looks really nice in there, but I haven’t been in yet. And of course, there are no open mics. But just down the road, there is still the Fuel open Mic every Wednesday. And there’s now a new open mic every Sunday, at Bar One, Withington. On with the original post….

I’ve been hearing various rumours around Manchester, that Pleasure Bar in Withington is to reopen. Or maybe even has reopened. Can anyone confirm or deny this? I was at Fuel doing sound for the Mushaboom last night and didn’t hear anyone saying it’s reopened yet… it used to be a Withington institution…

But today, Mat has posted a comment on my guide to Manchester open mics suggesting that it’s reopened and there’s now an open mic on Mondays again. Could this be true? Or just the MEN getting their wires crossed? Who knows… If there’s anyone with any comments or info, please post below!