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Not the Manchester International Festival

Friday, July 6th, 2007

As Manchester International Festival (MIF) gets under way, there’s an alternative event happening, featuring tens of events across the next couple of weeks. It’s called Not the Manchester International Festival. Head to their official website for details of all events. One thing we’re getting involved in is a Songs for the Bath Tub on Tuesday, 10th July at Trof in the Northern Quarter. I’m playing there, together with Risa Hall, Feldspar and Ragz. Will be a goodun!

Accommodation in Manchester

Friday, July 6th, 2007

There are a few good cheap places for bands and acoustic acts to stay when visiting Manchester. The following have been recommended to us:

Hatter’s / Hilton Chambers – Hostel in the Northern Quarter. Seems really clean and nice, with a good vibe.

The Manchester central Travelodge looks okay too – and is actually reasonably cheap.

The Lansdowne is also reasonable… and is situated near Fuel and Fallowfield Trof.

Yha Manchester is also well worth looking at…