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MahoneyFest 2007

Monday, April 30th, 2007

Hey everyone!
Georgia has been great so far. MahoneyFest 2007 was an awesome start to the trip, with beautiful weather and many beer kegs. Made loads of good friends, and had a lovely time. Some pictures are here: MahoneyFest pictures. I probably should have been more selective when choosing, but there were so many pics! Loads of other people are uploading theirs too – so I’ll probably add to the collection soon…

Off to Atlanta!

Wednesday, April 25th, 2007

Hey everyone… I’m heading off to Atlanta tomorrow. Really looking forward to the trip. I’m playing at the MahoneyFest, Box Springs, Georgia and have then got gigs in Atlanta and Athens…

Back in the UK, we’re finalising a small tour with Midget and Giant and other acoustic acts. Dates include Manchester, Songs for the Bath Tub on May 8th, Leeds on May 9th, London on May 10th and Birmingham, Sunflower Lounge on May 11th… Will be hectic but good!


Atlanta, Athens and Georgia

Wednesday, April 18th, 2007


The next big thing I’m doing is heading over to Atlanta, Georgia, to play at MahoneyFest and to do a couple of other gigs. Can’t wait! Drop us a line if you’re going to be anywhere nearby and I’ll send over more details of the gigs and festival!

Tom K


Wednesday, April 11th, 2007

Announcing many gigs far and wide…

The Birmingham date on 11th May (Sunflower Lounge) is going to be great… always fun to play with Midget and Giant. This’ll be hot on the heals of our 8th May Songs for the Bath Tub at Trof Northern Quarter (Manchester), which is one of my favourite events to do…

Before all that, I’m off to Atlanta, Georgia. Can’t wait to play at Mahoneyfest and to meet all the musicians out there!

Writing this from Somerset, where I’m taking a quick break. Tomorrow I’m playing in Crediton, Devon — though I’ve not put this one on the gig calendar. It’s at an old people’s home there, at the heady hour of 2.30 pm. Whee!! Hopefully afterwards I’ll be out in Exeter or somewhere though -which is always good fun!