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In the City, Manchester

Sunday, September 25th, 2005

Manchester’s In the City music festival kicks off this weekend – on Saturday 1st October 2005. It’s Europe’s largest street festival of music, and also a place for music industry professionals to meet and discover new talent.

Well worth a look for anybody who is in the area.

It includes the Acousticcity event. Here’s some of the bands you can see there:

Selfridges, Exchange Square

Saturday 1st October
Starting at 12.15pm

  • Elizabeth Phillips
  • James Roper
  • Maria Miller
  • Tom Cartledge
  • Isobel Heyworth
  • KT Forrester

Sunday 2nd October

Starting at 7:45pm

  • Peter and The Wolf
  • Emmy the Great
  • Sumladfromcov
  • Tom Grant
  • Son Of Dave

Monday 3rd October
Starting at 7:00pm

  • The Boy And Girl Who Trapped The Sun
  • Catherine Tran