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Fuel in Withington – and Down the Tiny Steps

Sunday, August 14th, 2005

OK. Truely settled in Manchester now… so much so that actually I headed off to Sheffield last night to visit my mate Alice and have a night out there. It’s sooo easy to get there too – just jump on the train, journey through the hills of the peak district for 45 minutes, and you’re there.

Anyways… now I’m back in Manchester. And tonight discovered my first really great venue – Fuel in Withington. A Glaswegian band called Down the Tiny Steps was playing upstairs there. It’s a lovely intimate space, with sofas and tables and lots of cool people. The band did a great little set – highly recommended. Head to Hoodlum Tribe to hear a really mint dj mix of stuff they’re influenced by.

Looking forward to discovering loads of great music venues in Manchester over the coming weeks.

Will keep ya posted 🙂