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Dartmoor, and My Mind’s Eye

Sunday, March 20th, 2005

So, the reggae gig at Tramp’s cafĂ© turned out to be really good, though things only got going around about midnight. Tramp’s is slightly strange venue – it’s built into the 70s monolithic bus station – prefab, but nice inside if a little brightly coloured!

This morning I got up (with a slight hangover) and took a tiny train from Plymouth Station up towards Dartmoor and a small village called Bere Alston. The journey is pretty magnificent – takes you over loads of huge viaducts and follows the water up from Plymouth as it goes from estuary to river. There are only two or three trains a day, and when it gets to certain stations, the driver has to get out of the train and change the points himself. Kind of fun!

So it’s been a nice and relaxed Sunday – this is a good thing as it’s been quite a crazy week. I haven’t had all that much time to do music and guitar playing today… and tomorrow I’m heading back into Plymouth to do more rehearsals with Lee and Gavin, and hopefully find somewhere to play in the evening.

I think I’m finally going to follow up on my article on cutting a record and err… well, cut a record. It would be pretty fun to make a 7-inch single of the collaborative production My Mind’s Eye*.

I think it was a DJ set at the Dartington student bar that made me start thinking seriously about this… there was a really talented DJ playing there on Friday evening and I thought it would be quite cool travelling to clubs with a few 7-inch singles in my pocket and slip a copy to the DJ at an opportune moment….

… Anyway, if you like the sound of the new stuff, we’re bringing out an EP which features a selection – including My Mind’s Eye – in a month’s time. I’ll keep you posted…

* Note: My Mind’s Eye, ©2005. Written by Tom Kerswill. Guitars, vocals Tom Kerswill. Keyboards / programming Tunerise. Produced by Tunerise.