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Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Thursday, March 17th, 2005

I very almost had an evening of culture and beautiful music in Plymouth (yes, that is possible, apparently…) tonight. I was going to travel down to the Phoenix where Seth Lakeman is playing. However St. Patrick’s day in Totnes somehow sounds even more appealing… Anyway, if you are going for culture over revelling, then do head to the Phoenix – it promises to be a great gig.

Also worth checking out are some of the fantastic concerts in Exeter put on as part of the Vibraphonic festival. In particular, tomorrow (Friday) night at the Exeter Phoenix sees a concert from Nils Petter Molvær – a breathtaking blend of, well, everything really – jazz, house, breakbeat to name a few. Hopefully I’ll be there!

Plymouth Uni and Glastonbury Assembly Rooms

Thursday, March 17th, 2005

I did a 5-song set at Plymouth student union on Monday, accompanied by Peter Farrie on keyboards and Lee Stone on bass. It was the first time the two had met, and we had a really productive rehearsal during the day, before heading off to the union for about 9. It was really cool to be working with two great musicians, and the gig went very well. It was pretty full in there by the time we went on stage and everyone seemed to enjoy it. It makes a good change from me just doing my acoustic guitar thing – and it’s a huge amount of fun too! Looking forward to doing more gigs like this…

Glastonbury assembly rooms on Tuesday couldn’t have been more different. No microphones in sight, just a lovely cafe venue and lots of people just up for having a relaxing night of music. The idea is you just turn up, bring instruments and have a jam or play songs. I played five of my own songs, accompanied by lots of weird and wonderful instruments, including some acoustic guitars, an assortment of flutes, a triangle, and an instrument played with the thumbs that looks a little like a music box. I think from seeing one before that they’re from Zimbabwe and are called umbiras. But I might be completely wrong!

There were some amazing musicians there, and every performance was very different from the next. The umbira player also did some performance poetry, plus one of the organisers, Tim Hall, played some of his own songs which are really beautiful… I really want to see if he’s got any of them recorded as they’re the kind of songs you want to listen to again. There was also a girl called Mairead (I think) who had a lovely voice and played a really nice song on the guitar. So all-in-all a great night. It’s every Tuesday at the Glastonbury Assembly Rooms. Highly recommended to anyone who wants a relaxing night with lots of beautiful music!