Review of Winelight Club gig

by Tom Kerswill on September 1st, 2007
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Really enjoyed playing the Winelight Club in Bury. Here’s a link to a review from Manchester Music (please click link to read full review – here’s a small excerpt – really chuffed to get such a good review:


Probably the star of the evening is TOM KERSWILL, a familiar face on the city circuit and very much a one man band. Tom’s energetic approach to his music finds him on cue with work boots, well worn jeans and maybe his favourite t-shirt. He’s casual in image but so absolutely meticulous when it comes to songwriting. His guitar style eschews finger picking for the best part, with his dynamic strums sometimes feverishly staggering between big chord crashes. The songs are perfectly trim and crammed with infectious, serious melodies. There’s not just one or two gems here but a whole string of tunes that hook you in to the observational lyrics as the set is interspersed with tales from the road and anecdotes about missed trains. “My Mind’s Eye” is one of Tom’s signature tunes and I for one hope that more people get to hear and see him play.

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