by Tom Kerswill on September 10th, 2005
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Spain was great – we all had a really good time. Visited Madrid, Seville and Granada. I spent the whole of the last afternoon busking on a random park bench in Madrid – very fun indeed.

Anyway – I’ve been back in the UK for a while. We played a gig at the Globe in Exeter, which went well, and I’ve since been relaxing in Somerset. Finally, heading back up to Manchester later today.

Two gigs in Birmingham coming up – on the 14th and 19th of September. Check the Gigs page for more info….

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  • David

    Hi Tom, I was looking for busking sites and came across your thread about busking for an afternoon in Madrid. I travelled to Seville three nights ago to start busking throughout Spain. Ive busked in the main shopping streets but i get the feeling its not really custom to dole out money to buskers here and some i think look down on it….. how did people respond to you in madrid_

    yours curiously

  • Tom

    Hi David

    Thanks for finding the blog post! Fairly well, but then I was in a park, and it was sunny and touristy. What kind of time were you busking? Perhaps if you’re playing in shopping areas, it’d be good to do it late at night, when it’s cooler and many people are out… kind of 8-10pmish – when everyone’s wandering around before eating…

    Am hopefully heading back to Madrid in a couple of weeks actually – though haven’t quite worked out how I’m getting there yet!


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