Music nights in Manchester

by Tom Kerswill on August 19th, 2006
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Updated June 2009 As well as the guide on open-mics in Manchester, here’s a list of some other good music nights in the city.

Current Music Nights in Manchester (June 09)

For Folk’s Sake – A splendid mixture of folk and spoken word

OtherSounds – These guys put on cult acts, often at Kro Bar. Student orientated, so not so many of them happening in summer. Usually good value, and a chance to see really great acts in a small space

Mushaboom / Hi How Are You – Usually at Fuel Caf’e or at Kro. These feature great music, lovely crowd, and very often free cakes…

Last Night Was A Disaster – Often at Kro. Lara and Charlotte put together really fantastic nights of music, though often only every few months. Again, they put on touring bands in a small room, don’t charge much to get in, and create a lovely atmosphere. True DIY gigs.

Carefully Planned – Matthew puts on great DIY shows, with a variety of music. Again, the nights aren’t always regular, but do always feature bands that he loves. So going along to the nights can often yield some great acts that you wouldn’t normally come across. The nights happen at Kro, Cafe Saki, and other venues.

There are loads and loads of other great nights happening in Manchester right now. This is really just scratching the surface. I’ll keep coming back and updating this guide further – but in the meantime, if you have any suggestions, please let me know in the comments below!

Historical Music Nights

These are not necessarily still running regularly

Manchester Music Events:

  • Songs for the Bath Tub, Fuel, Withington, Manchester. 1st & 3rd Thursdays.. ( Myspace Site, Official website)
  • Red Deer Club, Fuel, Withington. Some Saturdays
  • Trof Acoustic night Run by Tom, 3rd Wed each month
  • The Green Room, Manchester has a variety of free music events.
  • Dry Bar Acoustic Revolution – every Tuesday – has an hour of open mic, then launches into 3 sets of top quality acoustic music.
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  • Hi Tom

    hows it going?

    also i thought well, if your putting a list together,

    theres, Acoustic revolution at dry bar, tuesdays from 8:30 start

  • […] Update We’re now running our own night here on the 3rd Wednesday each month, starting Wednesday 20th September. Featuring the best acoustic acts in Manchester. More acoustic events in Manchester. Or view the Trof acoustic night event page […]

  • Tom

    Thanks Andy – added that one!

  • Hi Tom, just found your site whilst browsing. I’m a musician from Heywood near Rochdale looking for some gigs and open mic nights in Manchester, so really pleased to have found your site. Its very easy to navigate and extremely informative. Recently did a gig at The Prince of Wales pub in Gatley as part of the Gatley music festival. Looking to do more in Manchester soon, can you recommend a venue which would be a good start off. Have a look at my myspace page when you get the chance. Cheers, Stokesy

  • Hi, I’ve just moved to Manchester and was wondering if you could e-mail me some contacts of gigs/open mics as I’m quite keen to get onto the gigging scene! Many thanks.


  • Tom

    Hi Robin,

    Yup – I’ve got a list of all the ones I know about here on the site… it’s near the bottom of the page, after clicking on the menu item “Open Mics Manchester” on the right of this screen – this has the complete list.

    I actually run one at Trof in the Northern Quarter on Sundays. Sign-up starts 8pm….

    See you soon


  • Hi Tom,

    I am trhe manager of The Lass O’Gowrie on Charles Street (next door to Joshua Brooks)..

    My wife and I took over running the pub in MArch, and there was no live music at all at the time.
    We now book a live acoustic act every Friday. Some of the acts we have had, as well as Deirdre herself, are Jimmy Docherty, A Boy Called Doris and Tin Pot Dictators..things are going well, but we would really appreciate it if you could pass our name onto your subscribers to let them know what’s going on..but also perhaps some of them would fancy a gig. Friday acts need to be able to play for two hours. Original material is more than welcome but the emphasis has to be on good quality, intelligent covers..
    Every now and again, we run a night called SMOKIN’..where we have up to six acts all performing their own stuff..again all enquiries are welcome!

    In the New Year, I want to start an Open Mic night on Mondays (?)…any performers welcome, and I’ll let you know the details.

    Thanks very much,


  • Jim Bob from Carter USM is doing an acoustic gig here at The Lass O’Gowrie on Charles Street by the BBC on Thursday 7th February. I saw him in Liverpool last year and trust me this is a gig not to be missed..ticket only I’m afraid to cover costs of these signed acts!!

    Always looking for musicians for Friday nights if anyone wants to give me or Deirdre a call on 0161 273 6932

    ps Jimmy Docherty starts his residency this Sat…..

  • Madame deux chats


    can anyone tell me of any sunday afternoon sessions in manchester where i might be able to dj – eclectic stuff – brazilian , soul, chilled hip hop etc… preferably city centre

  • Tom

    I’m afraid I’m not sure of any on a Sunday afternoon… though we are doing an open mic tonight at Trof in the Northern Quarter if you fancy popping in and saying hello (it’s from 8pm)…. But no facilities for DJs really.

    Trof in the Northern Quarter does have a regular DJ on Sunday afternoon so it might be worth dropping in and talking to him (perhaps there will be Sundays he can’t do which might be a good opportunity). In any case I’d recommend dropping a demo to them,


  • RICK

    Hi Tom,We have been running an acoustic night in The Bush Inn in Droylsden,Ive been looking for acts to play for us&came across this site.We normaly have the night on the last thurs of each month&would love to hear from anyone who would like to play,we are not a large pub and normaly put on 3 acts.If you can let me know of anyone who would be interested please let me know.Hope you can help .THANKS RICK

  • we are looking o host regular acoustic nights in central manchester, can you help us with some advice and pointers to where to get tings moving.
    i think you are pals wit boz!
    get in touch if this is of interest or even if its not !

  • Hi

    We run a regular acoustic guitar open mic on the third Tuesday of every month at Urmston Cricket Club. Very informal and all standards welcome but we often get excellent players. £2 good beer and a nice room. More info on the website

  • Damain

    Hi just a quick note to say great stuff here keep it up! Been out of the manchester loop for few years was a regular with acoustic anarchy crowd at star n garter and horse n jockey chorlton. Would love to get regular gigs again been doing own nights in and around middleton/oldham would be keen for anyone interested in geeting me slots to contact on

    Keep up the good work and hopefully see you soon – trof sounds like a possible meet!! Cheers, D.

  • Michael

    Hi Tom,
    I also organise an acoustic evening just outside of Manchester centre, in Droylsden.
    Its called the Acoustic Circus at The Bush pub. It usually every final
    Thursday of the month. We have some booked acts but its also an open mic type night. Its a hybrid!
    The next one is Thursday 26th March.

    Thanks, Mike

  • jon

    Hi Tom,

    Im looking for paid gigs for an acoustic duo, do you know of any places to play?
    covers and original

  • robbi

    hey man,

    me and a pal of mine are gonna be in manchester in a few weeks, was looking to do a few acoustic tunes, me and and the singer just got the band together again and what better way,

    looking maybe for the 4 or the 5th if poss

    cheers mate

  • Tom

    Hi Robbie
    Excellent – I’m not running any shows on those dates… We do do a weekly open mic at Trof in the Northern Quarter every Sunday though – so I’d really recommend them… they’re well-attended and a good crowd. Need to get there for around 8pm to get a slot…
    Where are you coming down from ? Have you got a myspace, etc?

  • robbi

    Hey man,

    we’l deffo be there for 8 on the sunday, were coming over from dublin, unfortunatly the pages we had we took down, but if you can give me an email add i will mail you something or you could go on to youtube and type kumara-song think theres 3 songs up there you can get an idea of the songs,

    ideally were gonna record new material soon, get tightly rehearsed and back out full band but for a few months were gonna do acoustic shows.

    Thanks for the feed back tom, and wel defo be at the trof on the sunday

  • laura garner

    hey i am looking for open mic nights in just the city centre do you know any ? i dont have an email address but heres my number 07810140054

  • Mark Ryan

    Hi, one of my acts is playing at M19 August 28th. As we’re coming in from Dublin I’d like to fit in as many shows as possible.

    Does anyone have any suggestion on Open Mic nights or gigs that he could possibility play will in Manchester could you email me at

    The artist is Doug Sheridan – /



  • Tom

    Chas thanks for the comment. I’ve written a new article about your open mic here:
    Looking forward to getting down there,

  • Hi Tom

    I’m looking to get some gigs in Manchester and from my google search you seem to be a well connected man in that field. If you organise any gigs and are looking for acts please check out my myspace and get in touch if you have any slots



  • Am not sure how up-to-date the content is on here. Are any of the above gigs still going?



  • Hi Dan

    Yes, the guide is up-to-date, and all the ones listed above are running as far as I know. Do check with the venues before travelling to any open mic though – and drop me a comment if you hear of any ones that are no longer running, or of new open mics that have opened up in Manchester.


  • …. Actually Dan – further to last comment, I was thinking you meant the open mic guide. The music night one hasn’t been updated quite as recently. For Folk’s Sake is now running at Kro Bar. Mushaboom is now called “Young Adult Friction” and othe rnames. I’ll update this within the next two weeks and will let you know!

  • Thanks for this useful information. excellent post with great resources! This is by far one of the most comprehensive posts i’ve seen here and look forward to more.

  • hugh

    just wondering if there are any open mike night in manchester not too far from city centre as im coming in by train and dont know ti that well..i play guitar and sing a little so somewhere not too x factor with a good vibe and like minded poeple!..any ideads get back to me thanks! 🙂

  • Tom

    Hi Hugh

    Sorry for the delay replying to this! I’ll take a look and will update this with the latest open mics ASAP… Should also check the following blog post:

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