North Bridge

by Tom Kerswill on August 6th, 2005
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Really really enjoyed playing at the North Bridge Inn tonight. For anyone who doesn’t know, it’s a little gem of a pub in Exeter, hidden away across the old Iron bridge (website here). It’s so refreshing to have a place which likes original artists. Definitely worth a visit next time you’re in Exeter.

Went straight from Exeter to Somerset, in a car crammed full of stuff. On Sunday, I’m leaving Totnes for good and heading to Manchester. Kindof sad… but exciting to be moving to a big city, with many places to play.

I’m going to miss Totnes and Exeter though. Will be heading back there before too long (next gig, 31st August) to get my fix!

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  • i am truely sorry i couldnt play on friday tom! everything whent wrong on that day.
    i couldnt get a lift up to exeter and had no money for the train and to add insalt to injury my phone had died on my when i got to my girlfriends to pick it up and phone you!!!

    really hope we can rerange another gig in the north bridge soon!

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