19th – Prague with friends

by Tom Kerswill on July 19th, 2005
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The next day was much better. Blazing hot. I got a text message from Nina saying she was in Prague too. So we arranged to meet up in the evening.

During the day I crossed Charles bridge and went to look at the Prague Castle, after a very leisurely stroll up the hill and a really good traditional Czech lunch. It’s touristy up there of course, but you get a great view over the whole of Prague.

On the way back down I stopped for an iced coffee in a trendy little cafĂ©. Inside was a group of English people who were trying Absinthe for the first time. But they weren’t quite sure how to drink it… I tried to help but couldn’t really remember either. In the end we worked it out, and they set fire to it all and it looked great.

It was a leisurely walk down the hill, and eventually I got back to the hostel. Later on I got the tram to Ujezd to meet Nina in a really cool little bar. The walls were covered with sketches of strange, tortured-looking figures… sort of reminiscent of the Scream. There were also some weird brass sculptures hanging above the bottom floor, a bit like one of those warhammer models that people make, but on a much larger scale.

So then we headed into the city, stopping by at some small student bars, that were really cheap although quite quiet because it was out of term time. This was really cool – a good chance to see some bits of Prague that were more tucked away. And I tried some of the herby Czech cheese that people talk about… I think it’s called hermony or something like that. It was very nice indeed.

I think we wandered over Charles bridge a bit too, and eventually ended up near Wenceslas square, where we just found a bench and watched life going past. Then we looked at all the modern art there. Including a line of very scarey iron men. But the impact was taken away when you read the introductions to each of the pieces… it wasn’t just bollocks, it really didn’t make any sense at all, even allowing for bad translations…

Nina tried crawling under one of the pieces of modern art, through the undergrowth, but I’m not sure it made any sense up that way round either…

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