12th July – Brno

by Tom Kerswill on July 12th, 2005
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The flight to Brno went really quickly. Before long I was walking down the ramp from the plane and into a really small airport. There was a tourist info centre there, and they were great – they booked a cheap hostel for me, and sold me the transport tickets to get there. A few minutes afterwards, I was on the bus to the city centre. And from there I got on a tram out again – towards my hostel.

Okay – so when I got off the tram I was in a world of communist-era high-rise, and I wondered which one the hostel would be. Eventually I found it – a huge block, quite similar to the others. But very posh inside – at least at the ground level. I managed to communicate with the lady who ran the hostel… without either of us speaking the same language. The room was pretty reasonable actually. I had a really quick shower and then decided to head out again.

There was a girl in the lift and we didn’t talk at first, probably coz it wasn’t that likely we spoke the same language, and also because in my typical shy songwriter kind of way I’m… well, shy sometimes.

Stumbled out into the sunlight, wondering which way to go to get into town, and also whether to get some money out, and also whether the girl from the lift was going. Eventually decided I would walk to the tram stop and the girl was there. So eventually we started talking and realised that we both spoke English very well – actually she was Danish, studying in Prague for 6 months. So then I realised that travelling alone to a new country is actually a great thing to do, and really easy. Especially if you’re not shy. So already I’d made a friend in Brno. And it turned into a really good evening. Because neither of us new the town and we stuck together and went to some random bars. Then we found a nice place to eat, had a huge meal with lots of beer. It went far too quickly and before long it was 12 o’clock and we realised our hostel was closing. We considered staying out all night and getting back to the hostel really early in the morning. In the end though we jumped on the nearest tram and just about made it back by 12. Up early next morning for train journey to Slovakia…

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