Big brother or celebrity love island?

by Tom Kerswill on June 19th, 2005
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I was staying at a student house up in Manchester the other day and witnessed a fight over the TV remote – about whether to watch Big Brother or Celebrity Love Island. Made me very very glad I don’t have a TV. Steve Lawson has found a painfully close-to-the-bone review of the latter.

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  • alex

    i too am subject to almost daily struggles over the tv remote, and the right to watch my favourite program on television. yes, that’s right, celebrity love island (CLI). i’d just like to voice my solidarity with the oppressed CLI viewers of the world (all 4 of them) and the evil Big Brother fraternity. Love Islanders of the world unite! anyway, must dash, the final is being broadcast live as I write this.
    so there tom you bastard!!

  • Tom

    Ah are the housemates ganging up on you again then? 😉 I think you should tune all the channels on the TV to the celebrity love island channel. That’ll teach them!

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