Back from the festival

by Tom Kerswill on June 13th, 2005
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So… I’m back from the Isle of Wight festival now. It was a good three days – packed with loads of good bands. It’s a bit tricky to avoid comparissons with Glastonbury, and of course it’s much smaller, quieter, finishes much earlier, and has fewer stages – well, only one stage really. And, between acts, rather than showing adverts to Make Trade Fair and Drop the Debt, they showed as ads for mobile phones, car stereos and beer. Lastly, because it’s so close to Newport, the curfew is strictly enforced at 12.00 – which means all music on the site stops dead at that time.

But still worthwhile – especially for the music. The crowd was always lovely too. I saw the Magic Numbers at about 2.00 (v. good, by the way!) and stayed standing at the front of the crowd until 11.00, when REM finally left the stage. Despite being totally knackered, it was a good experience. Come REM, nobody at the front really had the energy to dance any more, though we gave it a good go! But all the bands looked like they were really enjoying themselves – which is always infectious on stage. Snow Patrol’s Gary Lightbody was even reduced to tears.

So – a thoroughly corporate festival, but the festival-goers more than made up for it by being nice and friendly and there to have a good laugh.

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  • So jealous – just so.damn.jealous.

    The Magic Numbers AND R.E.M. ?

    *shakes head in jealous rage*

  • Tom

    Yeah, seeing the Magic Numbers was really good… happy happy music! It also quenched my slight guilt at not seeing Babyshambles or Razorlight – I sort of felt I should see a bit of new music. Sunday was full of bands that I wanted to see… hence being at the stage for most of the day!

  • You have lots of stamina lol – I don’t know that I could have done that 🙂

  • Tom

    Heheh… actually it was quite funny, as you looked further back in the audience, it got more and more lively, because the people had been there less time. So it made it okay… I think if everyone had been manically jumping up and down 100% I might have keeled over or something 😉

  • amy

    So you are not going to Glastonbury – you performed there last year didn’t you? Why a no show this year?? Me – I couldn’t get a ticket despite a day of hanging on the telephone. Having to make do with dire local beer festival – and maybe Cropredy.

  • Tom

    Long story… I’ve been thinking of ways to get in! We’ve got another gig instead though – Sunday at an Exeter Festival. More details to follow soon!

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