Nitin and the Angel

by Tom Kerswill on May 6th, 2005
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Sounds like an intriguing title… isn’t really! Saw a magical gig at the Lemongrove in Exeter. Nitin Sawhney, complete with an array of guest vocalists. Absolutely brilliant. Then we travelled along to the Angel, were I did a quick slot on stage – played Believing the News, My Mind’s Eye (both on the forthcoming EP, plug plug 😉 ) and a very new song, only just finished and provisionally entitled Wash Away Your Fear.

After that, I stayed up all night watching the election.

Which reminds me – great VJ at the Nitin Sawhney gig. Some crazy visuals, but the funiest were of Tony Blair / Michael Howard / George Bush….

Nitin Sawhney’s new album – Philtre – sounds like it will be good – although at the gig I instead opted to buy his album Human. Have a look at the other albums here: Nitin Sawhney Albums

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  • Jacqui

    I’m coming to uni in sept, any advice, i’m going to study nursing.

  • Tom

    Erm… I don’t actually go to Exeter uni.. though I know quite a few people who do. There’s quite a lot of good gigs on. Also, the city itself is really nice, with lots of great bars and clubs.

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