Trof, Fallowfield

by Tom Kerswill on April 6th, 2006
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Trof is a lively, studenty bar, nestling in the heart of Fallowfield, with lovely food, and a really friendly atmosphere. It’s usually rammed — especially in term time.

It’s a bit of a Manchester Institution, and this, the original Trof, has spawned three other venues — The Corner (which is right next door, on Wilmslow Road), Trof in the Northern Quarter, and the Deaf Institute (which is just off Oxford Road, near Sand Bar and Manchester Met uni)..

Trof, Fallowfield
Trof official site

Address: 2a, Landcross Rd, Fallowfield, Manchester, M14 6NA

Tel: 0161 224 0467

Trof Open Mic

This open mic is every Tuesday during term time, held in the big room upstairs. It’s always busy and bustling, with a good crowd – mainly students. People listen, though they also talk, which is kinda par for the course really. Definitely worth a look!

Address: 2a, Landcross Rd, Fallowfield, Manchester, M14 6NA

Music nights at Trof

Trof used to be one of the best music venues in Fallowfield — it hosted a huge range of nights, including North-South Divide, and my own Songs for the Bath Tub acoustic night.. The Trof Fallowfield open mic is still going strong on a Tuesday though – and it’s worth checking out if you’d like to play to a big, lively audience. It’s one of the better-known open mics in Manchester.

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  • Hello, Do you know if the open mic nights are still running, I’m looking to go down in a couple of weeks?

  • Will Sinclair

    hi, do you know if you need to have original songs or can you play a few covers as well?

  • Tom

    Hi Will – it’s a while since I’ve been to Trof in Fallowfield open mic but I reckon a mixture would be okay…

  • Dominic carlton jones

    Hi Tom.Just a query to know whether you have the facilities for an electric guitar on your open mic nights?My music quite mellow but acoustic pickup busted recently and want somewhere to play?

  • Hi Dominic – I don’t actually run the Fallowfield open mic (although I do run the one at Northern Qt Trof on Sundays).. do you have an amp for it? Alternatively, on Sunday evenings we could mic up your acoustic or arrange to have a guitar there for you to borrow (there’s usually one anyway!)

  • Dominic carlton jones

    Hi tom,thanks for your reply.If that is the case then ill bring my acoustic over in a couple of weeks and you can mic it up or maybe someone will lend me a pickup for now?What time do you start?

  • Hi Dominic
    Excellent- yes, mic-ing it up should be fine! Sign-up starts at 8pm, with the first acts on at 8.30pm… Hopefully see you in a couple of weeks!

  • Dominic carlton jones

    Ye definitely tom.Do you have a contact address for the fallowfield night also?

  • Hi Dom! Yeah, the address and stuff are here:

    It’s a fun night!


  • Dominic carlton jones

    Ye, Thanks Tom.Will see you on the thirtieth

  • Dominic carlton jones

    Whoops! Make that december 2nd!See you then.

  • Dominic carlton jones

    Hi Tom.Been round at friend georges house today doing music and he wants to play bass to my tracks.Can we put it through the desk?These are only folk songs so very light bass needed?Will make a tremendous difference as such a good collaboration?

  • Hi Dominic

    Yes, it’s fine to put the bass through the desk – just bring a jack lead for it and it’ll be fine


  • Dominic carlton jones

    Cheers Tom ,see you sunday.

  • Dominic carlton jones

    Hi Tom.It’s Dominic.Just corresponding bout the proposed gig at Fuel on the wednesday night billing?We could probably get together six songs by last weds in january if that would be okay?George is predominantly a keyboard player so would be incorporating that with bass and my vocals/guitar?
    Best wishes and look forward to hearing from you.

    P.s I’ve sent in a request to be a friend on your my space page ?

  • Hi Dominic

    That’d be great – do you fancy playing Songs for the Bath Tub at Trof in Fallowfield on Wednesday, 16th January?

    If you could let me know you’re email address (by filling the correct box in the comments form) that’d be really great – makes it a lot easier to keep track of things…

    Myspace – cool, okay – it takes a while to get to the friend requests I’m afraid because we have a bit of a backlog!

    Hope you’re well,

    Tom K

  • Thanks for replying Tom.Could you give us a couple more weeks from the sixteenth as we’ve not practicsed since the gig and probably wont get achance till after xmas.Jan 3oth would be better for us if okay with you?What is the format of the night?

  • Hi Tom.Just using this site at the moment as problems with my website.Slightly my fault I was originally trying to negotiate a gig at Fuel with you and missed the fact that you then suggested playing at Trof on the 23rd?.I thought,”oh well,it’d be good practicse so go ahead”.I’ve since spoken to George and he doesn’t want to play the Trof event so we gonna cancel!Sorry if we have caused any inconvenience?.We’d both really like to play at Fuel so if you are organizing any event there we would be up for it?

    best wishes

  • Richard Wagstaff

    Hi, do you have rock bands on at either Trof? We do covers by the likes of AC/DC, Zeppelin etc, with a mix of some newer stuff like Jet, The Black Keys, The Datsuns etc… would love to play some time. Drop us a line if so and hopefully we can get something sorted.
    Cheers, Rich (BLACK PILATE).

  • Hi , do u still do the open mic acoustic nights? what night and time ? will pop down.

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