by Tom Kerswill on April 27th, 2005
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Went to a fantastic party in Totnes on Friday night, then up early the next day for a weekend-long songwriting workshop, run by Julian Marshall of Wiggly lines management, who also happens to be a good songwriter. There was a good line-up of tutors, including Pete Bernard, who’s an excellent songwriter and performer. It was a good weekend… I tried to write stuff in a completely different way from what I would normally do. It sort-of worked! I certainly came up with things I wouldn’t have otherwise! It was also interesting to work with other people… a kind-of collaborative excercise that meant compromise but also quite a lot of inspiration.

That evening was the Dartington Ball. A fantastic evening. Peter and Adrian – also on the songwriting course – also came along to the ball and we all had a great time. There was some good music too – provided by the Gentlemen Rebels, plus Plymouth’s favourite drum’n’bass/jazz DJ brand Jelly Jazz. A great evening. Finished a bit too soon but hey… lots of fun!

Up the next day far too early after crashing over at Dartington. Was a little bit dopey for the songwriting workshop, but came up with some good stuff I think… and learnt quite a bit too!

Have met some good musicians and songwriters over the weekend, many of whom I’ll hopefully stay in contact with.

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  • hi there, bit of a long shot but i wonder if you can help me out.
    i am trying to get hold of JULIAN MARSHALLs email address as i was once
    a neighbour and student of his and i am trying to get back in touch with
    him. if you are still in contact with julian can you pass my email and my
    bands web site( him please. many thanks,
    chris newman

  • Tom

    Yup – certainly will do! I’ll send you his email address.

    By the way, the intro on your site is broken I think – at least on firefox…

  • Tom

    Update – I’ve emailed him with your email address so hopefully he’ll drop you a line soon!

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