London, Trade Justice, and music!

by Tom Kerswill on April 27th, 2005
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Ages since I updated this… I’m going to post a few blog entries now quickfire to make up for it!

15th April

The Trade Justice gig in the Marquee club, Leicester Square, was fantastic. Loads of great bands playing – including Gruff Rhys from the Super Furries, and BraveCaptain (ex-Boo Radleys… who I relentlessly pursued and handed my demo to). Plus a DJ set from Bobby Friction. Thoroughly enjoyed myself. Also danced with the two prettiest girls in the building, hehehee! Afterwards was a huge (10,000 turnout) protest in Westminster. Unfortunately (rather embarasingly) we couldn’t find our way there, and so got the night bus back, arriving at the hotel at 5am. A good night though!

The next day I was on my way to Portsmouth… I had intended to travel up there the day before, but the trade justice gig was too good a prospect to miss.

Getting to Portsmouth cost only a quid… amazing. Went to a party there, then headed back on the train to Totnes the next day.

Monday, 18th April

Did music with TuneRise during the day – more vocal takes for the EP. Everything’s sounding good. Looking foward to the release! Then went to the 3 Fat Fish to play a couple of songs in the evening, before heading back on the train to Totnes.

Tuesday, 19th April

Did music with Substation all afternoon, then headed off to play at the Bac Bar. Got there about 11 pm. Didn’t know anyone but was nattering away to people. Had a great time. Played about 11.45 but got carried away and was still on at about 12.10… the train back was 10 minutes later… I had no idea how to get to the station. Luckilly I found it with 30 seconds to spare. It was the last train back – spending the night in Plymouth might not have been fun!

Wednesday, 20th April

Left early for Somerset, to work on web-design related stuff for a few days. Back Friday, ready for a party and then a weekend of songwriting…

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