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by Tom Kerswill on March 14th, 2006
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Current open mics in Manchester (updated October 2010)

Here’s a list of many of the open mic nights happening in and around Manchester, UK. Please drop us a comment if you spot any ones not on this list, or ones that are no longer operating. Goes without saying, but do remember to always phone the venue before heading out to make sure it’s on – and make sure you’ve got the right venue (there are two different Trof venues listed below, for example!)

Monday Nights

  • Monday Open mic at Trof Northern Qt. Friendly atmosphere. Usually pretty busy, so get down there before 8.30pm to get a slot!.
  • Open mic – original: Blue Cat Café Mondays 8pm
  • Open mic: The Bank Sale (each Monday, we think!)
  • Open mic: every Monday Uluru, Chorlton – Uluru has sadly closed down…
  • Open Mic: M19 bar, Levenshulme Every Monday evening – no longer running, apparently (June 09)

Tuesday Nights

  • Now cancelled – sorry: New for March 2010: Open mic at the Bay Horse, Manchester. In the downstairs bar. Every Tuesday from 8pm.
  • Jam night: Bar 480, Chorlton from 8pm every Tuesday – 1 song each
  • Open mic: Iguanna Bar, Chorlton Tuesdays
  • Open mic: Trof, Fallowfield Tuesdays
  • Acoustic guitar night: Urmston Cricket Club. Third Tuesday of each month, 8.30pm. £2 entry for everyone, which subsidises their live music nights.
  • Open mic: The Nelson – Occasional Tuesdays (last Tue of month??)

Wednesday Nights

  • Open mic: RVP, Liverpool Road, Irlam – every Wednesday from 8.30pm
  • Open mic: Fuel, Withington Wednesdays
  • Open mic: Town Hall pub, Eccles Every Wednesday

Thursday Nights

  • Open mic at the Whitworth, Rusholme. New open mic (Aug 2009) every Thursday. Arrive before 9pm to get a slot.
  • Open mic: Chill factor, Manchester – Thursdays – inside Chillfactor, the indoor ski centre. Thanks Rox for letting us know about this one!
  • Open mic:Thirsty Scholar, Oxford Rd Thursdays – a slightly bluesy open mic 9pm till 2am. Run by local institution Rory McKee.
  • Open mic at Solomon Grundy’s, Withington. Thursdays. Run by Kay and Dom… get in contact with the venue to book a slot! (Not sure whether this is still running – Nov 2009)
  • Open mic / jam night at the Brunswick / B-Lounge in the centre of Manchester each Thursday. Run by Josh McClurg and his band.

Friday Nights

  • Open mic at Eighth Day, Oxford Road, every Friday. Run by the people behind Black Dog

Saturday Nights

  • Open Mic: Station Pub, Warrington Street, Ashton-u-Lyne. This is a monthly event on a Saturday Night Everyone is very welcome. Check out for dates.

Sunday Nights

  • Open Mic: Sunday evening – Deaf Institute – Manchester. Trof Northern Quarter’s sister venue also had an open mic on Sunday. Re-started – October 2010.
  • Open mic: Sundays – Joshua Brooks – this one is now back up and running for Autumn 09.
  • Open mic: Last Sunday of the month – Eden bar on Canal Street, M1 3PJ. Thanks, Alan, for the tip-off!
  • Open mic: Bar One, Withington. New open mic every Sunday from 8pm, run by Tom Kerswill. Cheap drinks, including a pint of Becks for £2. At the moment there’s space for everyone to play four songs each. 20th Jan 2010: Bar One has now closed down, I’m afraid…
  • Open mic: Uluru, Chorlton. Every Sunday. December 2009: Uluru has now closed down, sadly.

Please check with the venue before making the trip, to make sure the night is actually on…. and drop me a line or a comment if you discover that a night has changed before I do!

Open mics that used to be in Manchester

  • Open Mic: Castle, Oldham St Every Monday. Small, friendly night, with a leaking roof! … note, the Castle closed autumn 2008, but re-opened April 09. Keep checking to see if they start an open mic!
  • Open mic: Glass, Fallowfield Saturdays – now the venue has been rebranded to BarBaa. Not sure if they still run it…
  • Sunday afternoon, 3pm-6pm Revise Bar, Chorlton . Revise as now become a new venue – Elektric. No news as yet of any open mics. But I noticed the Guardian waxing lyrical about it the other day in their (April 2009) Secret Britain guide.
  • Open mic: Mondays. Atlas Bar, Deansgate, Manchester centre – This one is apparently cancelled now (Oct 2010)

Open mics in Lancaster

I’ve started a new page on open mic nights in Lancaster, which lists details about the Stonewall Tavern, the Gregson, and more open mics in the Lancaster area.

Open Mics in Dukinfield, Bury, Greater Manchester, Lancashire and further afield

  • The Bury Winelight Club at the Met, in Bury, also does occasional open mic nights – check out their myspace.
  • There’s an open mic / jam night at the Canal Duke in Astley every Tuesday from 9pm.
  • Songwriter night Astley Arms, Dukinfield last Sunday of each month
  • Sunday open mic at The Fox Inn, Up Holland on the last Sunday of each month, usually hosted by the Big Fish Band, a local country-rock band.
  • Open mic and Jam night every Monday night at the Q Inn, Stalybridge. (Thanks, Stu, for sending this one).
  • Stu also sent the following suggestion: Sunday night at The Railway in Greenfield. This has the benefit (for heavy drinkers) of being next to Greenfield train station…
  • There’s an open mic at Harrop’s Bar, Stalybridge, Thurs 7 pm kick off
  • – Thanks to Carl for the tip-off.

  • White Horse on Liverpool Rd (Gildabrook Rd near Hope Hospital). 7:30AM Tuesdays (thanks, Carl)
  • Open mic at The Plough, Cadishead, Wed evenings. Carl says: “Landlord is putting on some free food…. ” (sounds good. Might have to check that out!)

Other good music events in Manchester

I’ve also got a guide on other non open-mics and acoustic nights in manchester

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  • filip

    can u please erase my last name from the last post, it accidentally wrote itself cause of autofill…aah.

  • We’ve got one this Sunday!

    There’s another ad here for it:

  • Hi Tom, not been playing the open mic scene for 6 months or so. I noticed the Trof NQ has gone- seems to be anyway.Is that still on..?
    Also, “Chill Factor”…is that a bar within the complex?
    Check out myspace page here:


  • Hi Carl

    No, the Trof NQ is very much alive and well – it’s every Sunday from 8pm, and has been for last year! Yeah, there’s a cafe in Chill Factor. Haven’t checked it out yet… sounds interesting.


  • Tom

    Hi Filip,
    I’ve removed it now. Sorry for the delay.

  • Dan


    We are having an Oxjam open mic in the club phoenix on oxford road on the 22nd of feb. all are welcome.

    search open mic on facebook


  • Simon

    Hi Tom,

    I’m fairly new to Manchester and desperately trying to search a decent Blues open mic / jam night in the area.

    I will try and check out scoff at N.Q on Sunday and The Bank at Sale (if its still on) – i understand T. Scholler is not on anymore.

    Any info would be appreciated.



  • Hey Tom. Thanks for the email. the new open mic night is at Bar One461 on withington high street and were trying it out every other week. The next 2 are monday 6/4 and monday 20/4.

    Cheep drnk offers and one free to any one that gets up.


  • Mondays: New open mic night!
    Atlas Bar, Deansgate, Manchester centre.


  • Hi Tom,

    I just want to thank you for taking the time to compile this info! it is a great resourse especially for overseas! Im from Australia and will be touring Europe in May/June 2009, I will be in the UK for a couple weeks and really keen to play as much as possible! if anyone would like to do a night together somewhere I am super keen.. singer songwriter acoustic soul/folk style.. thanks again,

    cheers Prita.

  • lew.w.

    are any of these open mic nights suitable for hiphop music??

  • Phil

    Hey lew, come to the Deaf Institute Open Mic tomorrow, we’ll definitely have you on

  • Phil

    Hey lew, come to the Deaf Institute Open Mic tomorrow (Sunday 19th), we’ll definitely have you on

  • Lew.w — yes, I’m pretty sure a lot would be suitable for hip-hop. What kind of thing are you doing? Free styling? The only stumbling block would be if you had a DJ – most open mics probably wouldn’t have decks – so you’d need to get in contact with them first if you needed backing.

  • Kate

    Hey Tom and all,

    I am running an event at The Ram and Shackle pub on Wilmslow Road, Fallowfield on May 7th from 3pm called Sunglasses at Night. We have amplified music outside until the evening so I’m looking for a whole host of acoustic musicians for an big outdoor busk-off! Depending on who turns up, people can play independently of each other or as a group jam, up to you!

    The event is a fundraiser for the Deusa Healthpost Expedition 2009 – a medical project to Nepal run by two 4th year medical students and two graduates.

    The actual event starts at 3pm but will continue til 2am at Red Rum (new club in Fallowfield) with DJ’s playing from around 8pm. So, if anyone is free for an afternoon jam in the sun, please just turn up or even better, wing me an email. There is an event on facebook if anyone wants a further look at what’s happening.


  • Kate

    sorry guys – that was supposed to say that we CAN’T have amplified music until the evening so am looking for acoustic musicians for the afternoon/early evening! x

  • Mat

    Hello everybody!

    Cheers for this site, Tom – it’s really helpful.

    I see there is an open mic/jam session listed in the MEN at Pleasure in Withington on Mondays. 8pm onwards.

    Keep on keepin on

  • Hey Mat

    Really? At Pleasure? Wow, last time I saw that place it was in a forlorn state and all borded up. I’d heard a rumour that Pleasure was going to re-open. That’s really great news. I like that place. Let me know if you make it there, and whether it’s any good…

    Was this in a copy of the MEN paper? Not just a random page on their site? I don’t think they’re all that hot with keeping their sites up to date sometimes…

    Tom K

  • Sagiv

    I am base player looking for people to play with.
    Will be very interested to get updated regarding suitable open mikes places to jam, blues r&b rnr etc

  • Hi Sagiv…. Yes, definitely worth coming down to one of the open mics. They’re good places for bass players to meet other musicians. Most of the ones above should be okay.. But do check with the venues before travelling!

  • Sagiv

    Thanks Tom.
    So, where is the best place for tomorrow evening-night, for example, in your opinion?
    Do you play music?

  • Tom

    Hi Sagiv… On a Tuesday? I think the Trof Fallowfield open mic is usually a good bet. It’s often very busy, which can be a blessing and a curse. I assume it’ll be on tomorrow…

    There’s also the Iguanna bar open mic, which is good fun. Again, I haven’t’ played it for a while!

    Yup – I’m a musician ( but also quite involved in putting on acoustic gigs / nights etc.

  • Alan Scholefield

    Hi Tom,

    Great list, very helpful!

    Unfortunately M19 Bar in Levenshulme don’t do their Monday open mics nights anymore as I checked with them a couple of days ago and they said it’s been off for a while..

    However! Eden bar on Canal Street, M1 3PJ is now doing an open mic on the last Sunday of every month. I’ve been and played a few times now and it’s always a great atmosphere 🙂

    More details at and

  • Tom

    Thanks Alan – have added it to the guide!

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  • Mat

    Hey Tom,

    Sorry for late reply – yes the Pleasure Monday night session is listed in the Citylife guide also this Friday. i haven’t yet tried it, but their number is (according to the paper) 0161 434 4300.

    Hey Sagiv,

    I’m interested in playing with other musiciians. Have a listen to and see what you think of the (very rough) demos.

  • Tom

    Hey Mat

    Thanks for getting back to me. Ah, that’s a good example of sloppy journalism from City Life, sadly. I don’t know where they got their info from, but Pleasure is no more – as of 18 months or so ago! I walked past it yesterday. It’s now a Shisha bar. It looked quite nice in their — but it’d no longer called Pleasure, and I don’t think they do music. Fuel, down the road, is good on a Wednesday though!

    … And our one at Trof Northern Quarter on a Sunday…

    I’ll probably dig out a number for city life and give ’em a call about it!


  • Phil A

    I run the open mic at the Trof Deaf Institute every Sunday. Tom, who writes the blog, has been kindly filling in for me, and can vouch if you come to us you’ll get treated well and be amongst good company.

    Local acts like Gideon Conn, Magic Arm and members of The Travelling Band have all played in the past, and I’m always looking for new and exciting people to come down and play or show whatever talents you have!

    So that’s every Sunday!


  • Mark Ryan

    Hi, one of my acts is playing at M19 August 28th. As we’re coming in from Dublin I’d like to fit in as many shows as possible.

    Does anyone have any suggestion on Open Mic nights or gigs that he could possibility play will in Manchester could you email me at

    The artist is Doug Sheridan – /



  • Hey Tom, the Wed open night in Irlam is in The White Horse: opposite Astley Rd (there are 2 White Horses in Irlam). There is also another open mic night on Thursday at The Ship Hotel in Irlam (a hundred yards down the road from White Horse).


  • Hello Tom

    This is great for upcoming artists, I’m managing Shaheen (from Leeds) – we would love to do acoustic nights in Manc, check out the myspace and let me know what you think.. Chris

  • N/A

    Dude, this list needs updating!

  • Tom

    Which nights need updating? Remember to always check with the venue before traveling, and let us know if there are any you find hat aren’t running. Also remember that in summer some open mics don’t always run, because it’s quieter….

  • There is an open mic night every thursday at the whitworth in rusholme! Come and play people! To get on the list you must arrive before 9pm as its getting really busy now. Cheers

  • PAUL

    can anyone help i need someone to host open mic night @ my bar,
    bar one 461 wilmslow road, withington

  • Gav Duggan

    I’m looking for some open mike nights to play and was hoping someone may be able to point me in the right direction in terms of the kind of material I play. I do old school country stuff. I’ve played at Fuel in Withington once and found it extremely positive. Any others people think would be suitable?

  • Hi Gav,
    Fuel is a really nice place to play, isn’t it? I think Nexus Cafe (Dale St) on a Sunday afternoon is pretty good. You can also try Trof Northern Quarter from 8pm on Sundays, which I run — that is a nice friendly crowd.
    Josh’s new night at the Brunswick (which I haven’t checked out yet) is also meant to be pretty good, and so it’s worth having a look at that!


  • Hey Tom, can you add my open mic to the list…..every Monday at Saki Bar, Curry mile, Rusholme from 9-1!!! Great sound and atmosphere

  • […] starting a new open mic, every Sunday from 8pm, in Bar One, […]

  • Kinyo

    Hey, man.

    Do any of these open mic nights welcome artists who do dark poetry?

    Like, intense and reflective.

    Which is the best venue for that sort of thing?


  • Hi Kinyo,

    Thanks for the comment. Your email address is bouncing, so hopefully you’ll see this instead.

    Yes – I’d say Fuel, Trof Northern Qt and Bar One are definitely worth a try. I think each of those give ten minutes if that’s enough.

    I’d probably not recommend Thirsty Scholar for poetry (too noisy). Other ones on list might be good too. I’d recommend going along first, and seeing what you think and whether it’s a suitable night, and then go for it!

    There may well be a few other poetry open mics in Manchester. I’ll try and find out and add them to the list.



  • Jake

    Hi Tom

    I’m looking to get my band up to manchester some time in november, with a view to playing some open mic nights – just wondering what the facilities are like at yours on saturdays? my drummer is very hesitant to cart his whole kit up from kent…

    Also how long are the sets?



  • Tom

    Hi Jake

    I’m afraid we don’t run any on a Saturday. I do do one at Bar One in Withington on a Sunday and Trof Northern Quarter on a Monday if they’re any good? Set length is 3 songs. There’s a couple of minutes changeover to get the next act on, so we’d not normally have full drum kits I’m afraid — it’s more a case of doing stripped down acoustic stuff… 2 mics 2 DIs, that kind of thing… If you’re up here for a few days, it might be worth playing a load of different open mics – they’re all a bit different and have different crowds, so it’s a really good way of getting a varied audience.

    Re: drum kit – we had a band at Bar One last night and they just brought a snare — that worked pretty well and didn’t even need mic’ing up. It sounded pretty good…


  • Jake

    Thanks Tom

    Well i go to uni here so im around all the time, ive played fallowfield trof and thirsty scholar a few times before, i was just wondering what else was out there? I will look into the snare thing, could be a good idea….anyway il be in touch

  • Ace – yes let me know if you’d like to come and play either of our open mics!
    Also, if you find anything not on the open mic list, drop me a comment and I’ll update it!


  • Kinyo


    Thanks a lot for the advice, man.

    Like this site you got going here, fam.


  • Paul

    Hi Tom,

    I’m really interested in coming to an open mic night but not sure when & where they are, I live in Oldham but can travel to Manchester. Please could you send me details of when & where the next open mic night is in Manchester. I’m a solo artist although I travel & do gigs with my dad all over the country, Many thanks.

  • Hi Paul,

    Yup – there’s the Trof Northern Quarter one tonight — turn up at 8pm to be sure of a slot> It’s on Thomas Street, Manchester. There’s also a new night that’s started at Cafe Saki on a Monday – haven’t had a chance to check it out yet but will do soon,


  • Paul

    Hi Tom,

    Thanks for your reply. I couldn’t make it on Monday, could you please let me know if theres any on for Sundays.

    Thanks, Paul

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