Joshua Brookes Open Mic

by Tom Kerswill on March 15th, 2006
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For more open mics in Manchester, go here:manchester open mics

Joshua Brookes holds an open mic in the top area every Wednesday. Acts play leisurely, longer sets, of a few songs of 15-20 minutes. You’ll find an array of excellent musicians here.

The night is run by two gentlemen Dan and Lee. Dan is himself an outstanding guitarist. Arrive early and you might hear him play.

Joshua Brookes 106 Princess Street, Manchester, M1 6NG

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  • hey i was wondering about your oppen mic night,, do you accept non musical acts to get up and perform,id like to come down and perform a comedy act… please get back to me i have given you my email address ,, incase i have not it is,,,

  • Tom

    I’m not actually the organiser – I’ve sent you Lee Speed’s email address. He’ll be able to give you more info!

  • tom

    alrite fella top site by the way, could you send me the
    organisers addy 2 pls im not too sure on the procedures of
    open mic nites etc thanks!

  • ash jones

    hey, just wonderin about this open mic night, any chance you could send me the organisers email address to find out more info, thanks

  • Tom

    Yup – it’s Lee Speed. Have emailed the details!

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  • man in a shed


    Very useful site by the way! …just wondering if Joshua Brooks allow bands to play on Monday’s open mic nights? We played at The Thirsty Scholar’s Wednesday ‘Jam night’ the other week and are looking for somewhere similar to play a set of about four or five tracks for live experience.



  • Tom

    Hi Adam

    Yeah, last time they were pretty cool with that I think… haven’t been there for a while though! You should talk to Rory and Lee at the Thirsty scholar, because Lee is also involved with Joshua Brooks… I can email your details at some point fi you like. I’m actually in New York at the moment, doing a few gigs (and open mics!) so might have to wait till I’m back in the UK!

    Have you got a myspace? We’re looking for another act for “Songs for the Bath Tub” at Fuel on Thursday…


  • Gaz

    hey, me and my frend play acoustic guitar quite radiohead/damien rice stuff and we have loads of songs, would we be out of place in these open mic nites, theres nowt worse than going to these things and everyones electric.

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