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by Tom Kerswill on March 23rd, 2005
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I’ve had quite a productive afternoon laying down some more vocals for Early Morning Blues in Exeter with Peter from Tunerise. Very soon I’ll have some new tracks up on the main page of the site… It’s all sounding quite cool!

Had a really great session with Lee (bass) and Gavin (djembe) in Plymouth on Monday. After doing an afternoon’s rehearsing, we went on the search for places to play in Plymouth. We must have toured round the city for over an hour trying to find venues… I now know my way around Plymouth much better. And I’m getting to like it too. Just as it was nearing closing time, we found the Jazz Bar near Mutley plain. It turned out to be a great venue – and the open mic only started at 11pm, so we were actually early.

We played a set of six songs. The set went down really well – lots of people came up afterwards and said they had enjoyed it. Also there were a few other good musicians, including a girl called Rose who had a fantastic voice and sang a track by Air. I had to disappear quite early get the train back to Totnes. Wished I could have stayed longer. Ended up missing the train anyway – I thought it left at 12.50am but… erm maybe I got that wrong! So I ended up staying at Lee’s spare room and getting a lift back to Totnes at 7.30am with Mel, who works in Torquay. I’m not normally up at that time šŸ˜‰

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  • Secret_Microsoft_Fan

    Quote “… at 7.30am … Iā€™m not normally up at that time”

    The youth of today, tut, tut, I don’t know šŸ™

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