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by Tom Kerswill on February 23rd, 2005
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Wow, had a really good evening last night. It was cool – big bus went from Dartington to Exeter, then took us back at the end of the evening. Nice to be able to just relax and watch some good music. A good night was had by all. Though I think I drank a little bit too much beer!

And when the bus got back at 1.30am we headed to a party. All I had left in my fridge was a bottle of champagne so I took that…. d’oh, I’d been saving that! Ah well, it was nice champagne anyway…

Today had a really great time just doing some songs with Laura. I think I might actually try and get her to come along to one of my gigs and do some harmonies. Especially on Amber Smile, which was sounding v. nice!

This evening I had a choice between either going to Jelly Jazz in Plymouth, or going to a party at Dartington apparently with a sound system from Plymouth. In the end I did neither, instead staying at home and playing guitar the whole evening. Which was a good choice I think. I’ve got this song that I’ve almost finished writing. I sang it at the top of my voice for about an hour I think… luckilly my neighbour is a musician too (from the “funky monks”) and so doesn’t mind – often hear him singing at the top of his voice too.

I really just need to fire up the computer and record all these things…. at the moment I seem to be doing loads of writing and not ever get round to the nitty-gritty of recording. Though there is quite a lot of stuff that will be up on the web soon – my rough recording of new song Amber Smile plus a load of pretty exciting stuff done in connection with Tunerise which we’re hoping to launch as a mini EP hopefully around mid March. I’ll keep you posted!

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