Sziget Festival (Budapest)

by Tom Kerswill on February 22nd, 2005
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I’m planning to go to the Sziget (aka “Pepsi Island”) Festival this year. Festival dates are: 10th-17th August 2005. The festival looks incredible. More info here. It will also be a good fallback if the whole Glastonbury thing doesn’t happen.

Acutally, on that note, the Roskilde festival, which often clashes with Glastonbury, is actually on a week after it. So it’s going to be possible to go to both. That would be really great. Both festivals are considering my demo at the moment!

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  • Looks good. Budapest is a fascinating place. I went to an underground punk gig there is 1989. It was just a few months before the end of the communist era and the taxi driver was a bit reluctant to take us there. An awesome evening, although I think I permanently damaged my hearing as my ears were still ringing 2 days later:)

  • Alex


    Budapest is one of my favorite cities. However, Sziget sucks. There’s such a throng of people things got out of hand. TRhrough some irony, the french got ahold of the festival, and they invaded the place. It’s Napoleon all over again. The place could use more showers and more room to lay down your tent. Most places did not have beer, and most of the ones which had, had an awful kind, called Arany Aszok, which cannot be drunk if stood on the table for more than 4 min. The amount of dirt in that place is unrivalled. The only positive thing is that weed flows around freely – I saw many dudes smokin it at the pubs around the place.

    If it rains, the place ain’t nothing you would like to be around. In one word, the festival has reached critical mass; although the bands are nice (not as nice as in the previous years), demand exceeds supply by toooooooo far, and all staff on the island could use some customer relationship training. Most of the times they sucked.

    To make a long story short, here is what i think:


    -Superb Hungarian females
    -Nice band layout
    -Friendly prices on the island
    -Available weed
    -Everybody was drunk
    -GREAT Hungarian food


    -More people than the island can fit (no room for tents, thronged alleys at night)
    -Dirt all over the place, and even at 2 showers a day you cant stay clean
    -French anti-globalisation idiots squirming all over the place and creating havoc
    -Less than friendly personnel
    -Incredibly awful beer – Arany simply sucks arse!!!
    -No parking place
    -Stinking toilets full of excrements and not emptied often enough
    -Nothing to do on the island between 2 PM (wake up time) and 9:30 PM (starting time 4 good concerts)

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